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Why We Love Linen

The oldest fabric known to man dating back to 8000bc. Linen is made from cellulose that grows inside the fibres of the flax plant. In ancient Egypt linen was used for mummification and for burial shrouds because it symbolized light and purity as well as wealth.  The fabric is extra durable compared to others and hydroscopic meaning it absorbs 20% of its weight in moisture before ever feeling wet, so it always feels fresh and cool. Our Fenella linen is washed and tumble dried to keep it soft and drapey its one of those fabircs that gets better with age. We have...

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Winter 2018. Why our knitwear is better.

There is nothing worse than putting your new jumper throwing it in the washing machine or handwashing it, hanging it up and finding its out of shape covered in bobbles. especially if its made from cashmere or wool and cost you over £100! This is something we just wont stand for at Fenella. We have crafted a special  yarn designed to last the long English winters. Our knitwear at Fenella doesn't bobble, stick to the skin, loose its shape or colour and doesn't attract moths. Not only is our knitwear more durable but this 2018 we have upgraded our knitwear...

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Fenella Knitwear, we've got you covered.

There's no better time to stock up on Fenella's cosy jumpers and cardigans ahead of the cold snap. We blend the softest fibres to create comfortable and timeless designs you'll love to wear. Now, there's nothing worse than those cold days standing in front of your wardrobe repeating "I have nothing warm to wear".  Winter can seem quite boring shopping for knitwear the high-street. We at Fenella belive a jumper shouldn't just be a jumper. Below are some of our favourite knitwear designs and trends this autumn winter. Cocoon yourself in the relaxed comfort of this soft, stylish poncho with...

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What colours suit you? Are you warm or cold? The Fenella guide.

We have all thrown on that top or dress in that colour that just totally washes us out. Well us at Fenella thought why not write a quick guide on how to determine what colours suit you the best.  Also being predominantly a one size fits all brand, each style usually coming in 3-5 different colours instead is sizes (convenient we know). So next time you at the checkout keep this guide might come in handy. First though you will need make a quick check of the below. Do you have cool or warm undertones? Check your veins, have a...

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Introducing Autumn Winter 2017.

Here it is! We are super excited to introduce our autumn winter collection. Expect in-excess of 100 styles from Fenella until spring 2018.  Here are some of our proudest creations this Autumn Winter... Show off your feminine side in our Ethereal blouse above with its captivating print and feminine back tie at the neck. Crafted from fine Italian silk. The Celestial Blouse here is cut from light weight semi-sheer Italian silk in our forest by the sea print. The Embrace Gilet. Super Warm and Super soft. Superb for layering up.    

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