Linen Care

Caring for your 100% linen pieces is a breeze. Here's how to keep them looking effortlessly stylish:

  1. Machine Wash, Gentle Cycle: Pop your linen garment into the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water. It's as simple as that—no need for anything fancy!
  2. Mild Detergent, No Harsh Chemicals: Choose a mild detergent to help maintain the natural beauty of your linen. Let's keep it gentle to keep those colours vibrant!
  3. Air Dry for a Crisp Finish: After washing, hang your linen garment to dry. Let it catch some fresh air and dry naturally—no need for a tumble dryer. It loves to air dry and will reward you with that crisp linen feel!
  4. Light Ironing, If You Like:  Our linen is resistant to creasing so feel free to skip this step. If you prefer a smoother look, a light ironing while the garment is still slightly damp can work wonders. But remember, linen loves a relaxed, natural look too!
  5. Wear, Wash, Repeat: Linen gets softer and more comfortable with each wear and wash. So go ahead, wear it often and enjoy that lived-in comfort!

With these easy care tips, your Fenella linen will stay looking beautiful and feeling great, ready for any occasion.

Happy wearing!